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The 6 week Programme.

The benefits of weight training for women far outweigh those that just choose cardio. Due to this we have created Weights4Women.

During the next 6 weeks we will aim to completely change your exercise routine, and give you the confidence to include weight training in your own exercise routine once the course is complete.

We understand that the idea of weight training can be scary and there are so many myths around it, but we promise that we will always be on hand to guide you, give you the FACTS, and help you in any way we can.

Once you start to include weight training in your routine you will open yourself up too many different benefits which are both physical and psychological. SOME of these are listed below. Weight training will help you to:


Lose Body Fat


Gain Strength Without Bulk


Decrease Your Risk of Osteoporosis


Improve Your Athletic Performance


Be Physically Stronger


Reduce Your Risk of Injury, Back Pain & Arthritis


Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes


Improve Your Attitude and Fight Depression


Improve Your Confidence

We base our course around 4 individual compound movements. Compound movements are multi-joint and target many different areas of the body. Due to this we advocate training ONCE with us (as the course includes) and TWICE on your own.

You will receive a booklet featuring pictures of the exercises as well as handy areas to write down information such as how many repetitions performed and how you felt afterwards.


This programme has been specially designed by a team of personal trainers who have considered the different stresses and loads placed on the body.

We will aim to limit muscle soreness but you may feel muscle discomfort a day or two after lifting weights. We assure you that this is NORMAL. Especially for a novice. Due to this we advocate REST days, these are days where intense exercise is at a minimum and instead you choose to take a walk or have a light swim.


To register your interest please click below. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Please note that the cost of the programme includes ONE group session per week and two Body Composition Tests. However, we will always be on hand to help you however we can.

February-March Special Offer:
PRICE: £199

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